Augie the Surfer Gnome by Domenick Maggio

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Augie the Surfer Gnome by Domenick Maggio.This hand carved wood Gnome is an avid sufer that is catching a wave like a pro. Augie is all decked out is favorite swim trunks, tank top and bucket hat. A piece of found grapevine acts a the ocean wave. Carved by a local South Jersey wood carver. Signed on the bottom. Measures approximately 17″ h x 5.5″ w.

About the Artist

Domenick Maggio

Domenick is a self-taught woodcarver from Vineland, NJ. He carved caricatures from 1980 to 1984 and then stopped for 25 years to run a small business with his wife. His desire for woodcarving resurfaced after closing their business. His carvings are made from Tupelo, painted with acrylics, and sealed with a matt lacquer. There is no attempt to remove tool marks because Domenick believes this adds to the uniqueness and character of each piece and distinguishes the work as a true woodcarving.


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