Arrow Series: Willow Deep Vessel by Hegland Glass

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“Arrow Series Deep Bowl in Willow” by Hegland Glass. This handcrafted glass bowl is constructed of several strips of glass. The process includes the piece being strip cut, kiln formed, slumped and then cold worked. See below for more details on the entire process. 5″ h x 9.5″ diameter

Hegland Glass

Dave & Patti Hegland

Chestertown, MD

2013 Niche Award Winner

2014 Niche Award Finalist

2015 Niche Award Finalist

“Earlier careers in engineering and finance ingrained in us an acute attention to detail which we apply to all phases of our craft from the complexity of our designs to the precision applied to the finishing processes used to polish and shape each piece.”

We are a husband and wife team known for our innovative designs, complex construction, and precise finishing of our art glass. Acute attention to detail during each phase of the process is critical to a finished piece of our work. Our intricate designs incorporate hundreds of multi-layered hand-pulled murrine individually placed within thin strips of clear, transparent or opaque glass placed on edge. Once formed, each piece is extensively coldworked — shaped, ground, sandblasted and polished to enhance the visual impact and feel of our finished vessels and sculpture.

Our studio is located in historic Chestertown, Maryland on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. We have taken numerous workshops at glass studios in New York, Washington DC, Oregon and North Carolina and studied with outstanding artists in the field of kiln-formed glass to gain specific technical skills. We accredit our achievements as glass artists to the combination of that acquired knowledge coupled with the long hours spent in our studio exploring new designs and techniques.

The Process

We are equally captivated by the creativity of the design process, the technical challenge of construction, and the precision of coldworking. The resulting work depicts a keen attention to detail and original design.

We collaborate on the design and construction of each piece. During design, color options and design details are explored through the creation of a series of samples. Pieces are assembled using the strip construction technique which begins with large sheets of thermally compatible opalescent, transparent, and clear glass specifically manufactured for fusing. The large sheets of glass are cut by hand into long strips, as wide as the body of the piece will be thick (generally 3/8 to ½ inch). The strips are laid on edge to form the desired pattern along with any additional inclusions that will serve as focal points. The assembly of loose glass is then heated in the kiln to approximately 1500 degrees to form a solid flat piece. This can be further formed by another firing at a lower temperature to “slump” the flat glass into a ceramic mold and attain the desired three dimensional shape.

The final, critical phase in the process (following design and construction) is termed “coldworking”. This includes work on the final piece as well as the individual inclusion components that may be fused within a piece when it is being construction. During coldwork a piece can be cut, ground and polished using tools like the diamond saw, wet belt sander, flat disk grinder and sandblaster to achieve the desired texture and shape. Coldworking greatly enhances the finished appearance and impact of our work.

Strip construction and extensive coldwork are a signature look of Hegland Glass.

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