Amy Peseller Wood-Fired Vessel Series

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Amy Peseller Wood-Fired Vessel Series

Four lidded vessels:
Vessel 1(Largest) 9″ tall x 9″ wide.
Vessel II (Medium large) 7.5″ tall x 5.35″ wide.
Vessel III (Medium Small) 6.5″ tall x 7″ wide
Vessel IIII (Small) 5.75″ tall x 4.5″ wide.

All pottery is lead free and safe for food and drink.

Amy Peseller is a Resident Assistant Potter in the pottery studio at WheatonArts. She has been a potter for eleven years and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Working under the direction of resident potter Terry Plasket, her time here at WheatonArts has allowed Amy to gain a love of wood firing and salt firing while re-challenging her skills to create functional works of art. This body of work conveys some of the products in her new line of production work, influenced from the environment and experience.

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