Amy Peseller Medium Mug Ruga Clay with Yellow

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Amy Peseller Medium Mug in Ruga Clay, with Yellow and Brown Glaze.
4″ tall.
Unique and handmade, expect subtle differences from piece to piece.
Wild Clay – its beauty embraces imperfection.

Just a mile from the WheatonArts campus, beneath the beautiful sands of Southern New Jersey, lies a pure, one of a kind, bright orange stoneware clay body. “New Jersey Ruga Clay” was named after the property owners of the land where the clay is mined. Once the clay has been dug from the earth, it is processed by hand, shaped on the pottery wheel, and fired in a natural gas kiln, to solidify. The bright orange color of the clay comes from the heavy amounts of iron in it. In the kiln firing, this iron darkens, speckling through the glaze colors and turning the clay a deep brown when finished. During the processing stage, the clay is so incredibly pure, and so well compacted, it never has to be screened. It is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. It is truly a potter's dream clay, and can be found only here.

With thanks to: Northeast Precast and the Ruga Family

Amy Peseller is a Resident Assistant Potter in the pottery studio at WheatonArts. She has been a potter for eleven years and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Working under the direction of resident potter Terry Plasket, her time here at WheatonArts has allowed Amy to gain a love of wood firing and salt firing while re-challenging her skills to create functional works of art. This body of work conveys some of the products in her new line of production work, influenced from the environment and experience.

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