Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen
About the Artist
Though a Texas glass artist of over 20 years, Eric Hansen’s roots go back to California where he got his start in hot glass with his father, a lampworker, and neon sign maker. In 1994, he began to craft fine paperweights in the tradition of his uncles. Their work is well-known among many collectors.

Eric operates from his home studio in Argyle, Texas. While focusing on lampwork encapsulation paperweights, he employs other techniques for creating crimp roses, crowns, and iridescent surface decorations. Blown work such as vases and goblets incorporating canework are strongly influenced by his study of Tiffany glass and others. While working with glass has been a passion for decades, he has also maintained a separate occupation as a pilot. Commissioned a Naval Officer in 1984, he earned his wings, and flew as a carrier pilot for eight years and now
flies internationally for a major airline. On his trips, he enjoys visiting glass studios, museums, and galleries around the globe.

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